Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tract on Satsang or Association with the Enlightened

Company of the wise or enlightened helps in one’s quest for one’s fundamental nature as also in the mitigation of the psychological distress coming in the way of the quest.

In yogic sadhana, it is much more useful than such practices as charity, austerity, pilgrimage and performance of religious rites on account of its direct bearing on that sadhana.

One should strive to be in the company of the wise and enlightened, who has realised the truth and from whose heart darkness of ignorance has been dispelled.

The aspirant needs to approach such an enlightened guide in a right and positive attitude of mind and heart so as to make best use of the contact with him. Approached thus, he is most likely to remove the doubt, like the sun dispelling the darkness.

Satsang, however, needs to be followed by proper action as per the instruction of the wise lest it gets reduced to a sheer pastime.

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