Friday, March 21, 2008

Foundation of Yoga & States of Consciousness


1.93 The fourth state of consciousness is distinct from the other three states, namely those of waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. It represents the vijnanamaya kosa.

1.94 It, indeed, is the creative throb of Consciousness meditated on particularly with reference to the Heart or centre of one’s being, as per the Vedic accounts.

1.95 It tends to take possession of the normal consciousness and becomes its constant associate. It is prabhava or the point of birth of a new consciousness.

1.96 It is called the state of manonmana or turiya-jagrata and is characterised by complete cessation of mental activities.

1.97 In fact, it is the state in which the yogin crosses the boundary of finitude and enters into the infinite, ananta.

1.98 The second sub-state of the turiya is called sarvartha and is supposed to be the playground of Aditi, Infinity, in which everything appears as a creative throb of Consciousness and delight.

1.99 The way to entry into this state is perusal of the inner awareness, surrender or exercise of the Will Power, iccha-sakti.

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