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Abhinavagupta (950-1050 Mukesh.Veda
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Abhinavagupta was born in Kashmir around 950 A.D, a great philosopher,yogin, tantric, a spiritual descendant of Somananda the founder of the Pratyabijnya the "recognition" metaphysics school of Saivite monism. He was genius and a prolific writer on Shaivism, aesthetics, music and a variety of other subjects.

Among his most notable philosophic works are the Isvara-pratyabhijña-vimarsini and the more detailed Isvara-pratyabhijña-vivrti-vimarsini, both commentaries on Isvara-pratyabhijña (“Recognition of God”), by Utpaladeva an earlier philosopher of the Pratyabhijna School.

His famous commentaries on poetics, drama, and dance; the Lochana on the Dhvanyaloka and the Abhinavabharati on Bharata Muni’s Natyasastra cover every aspect of Indian aesthetic and poetics. His theory of rasa is a landmark in Sanskrit art and literature.

According to the tradition, after completing his 70th year, Abhinavagupta entered the Bhairava cave near the village Bhiruva, along with his 1200 disciples and was never seen again. (image and concept developed by mukesh.veda)


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